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General Manager's Speech





Speech by Dr.Smith Ginsber Group CEO

The engineering reaearch of climate protection and energy-saving is the main driving force of today's automotive lubricants technological progress.

The lubricant blending piant named Ginsber has been put into use in 2011 in Jiangsu of China The conpany's head-quarters pay a great deal of attention to the factory in the selected address and construction. And it is allowed to use the motor oil technology,including MO.3 anti-wear factory technology.

MO.3 anti-wear technology can provide excellent cold start protection,excellent lubrication properties and wear protection. It helps to prolong the life of engine,but also we can save 3%-4% of the fuel. This technology has been used very well in Europe.

Commitment is not just a word in the dictionary for us.We have clear strategy and quick actio.We will more forward on the road of sustainabled development,and achieve greater success in the important market of China.

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